Stepping In A Big Pile Of Poop, Human Not Dog! Adventure Story

Stepping In a Big Pile Of Poop - An Adventure Story

I know it doesn't sound like much of an adventure but when you've put on your lightweight barefoot simulated running shoes and have just gotten on the trail, and then not too far in you step in a big pile of poop.... let me tell you that is something to deal with, and a min-adventure!

And that's just what happened to me the other day.

But there's a story here to be told and it starts with me lacing up and thinking about getting out for a good hike. So, I drive 10 minutes to the trail and get out of my car. Then I start walking down the trail and literally 10 minutes in I decide to step just off the trail to look in the stream for some garnet or smooth stones to take back home. And two steps and towards the stream, I noticed the feeling around my foot, like stepping on a big mud mountain. And all I remember thinking is I really hope that was just mud and clay deposits from the stream.

But like the explorer I am I had to reach for an oak leaf to dip it into the mountain of light brown that has now encapsulated my tiny barefoot running shoe. And when I lift the leaf to my nose with a little yellow brown dab sitting on the tip of the leaf, sure enough it smells just like crap.

Human Vs. Dog Poop - The Difference!

Only it's not dog crap, I know that smell. It's human feces and I gag. Now how do I get this poop off my shoe. So my bright idea is to step into the stream which I do... only the poop does not come off, and now the tops and my feet are wet with stream water and a poop mixture.

So I abandon that idea and just decide to go back to the car. The whole way there all I smell is poop so when I do get you the car I take a wide arc around to the trunk where I slipped off my shoes and pull off my socks. Then I get into the car and flood my feet and hands with some alcohol sanitation gel. My socks go into the trash bag in my car and I back up right over the shoes and leave them on the dirt road by the trail.

This is what I'm thinking: why do people not know how to crap in the woods. But then I guess I shouldn't have left those shoes there for someone else to find either. Maybe both me and the pooping human where in a state of shock somehow when we did the irresponsible. But, either way, it makes for an adventurous story.


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