Ruger: Tornado Pepper Spray System - Bear Spray 9 ounce review

Ruger: Tornado Pepper Spray System - Bear Spray 9 ounce review

By Mitchell Robins, Asheville NC 

I just ordered some of this Ruger Tornado bear spray on Amazon (read about using this as a deterrent on Wikipedia) because I always think of Amazon as having the lowest price (in this case the cost was $25.70). But then I did a second search and I noticed that Walmart (we're not an affiliate, yet) had the Ruger tornado pepper spray system, 9 oz for the same price ($25.70). Of course with Amazon Prime there is no shipping costs. And, it looks like a deal, because sites like Austin Kayak has it for sale for $39.99 .

I've had bear spray before to go on hikes where black bear live, especially in the Appalachian Mountains around Asheville North Carolina. Having bear spray is in many ways supposed to be better than having a gun like a pistol or a rifle or a shotgun because it actually makes the bear go away (and doesn't hurt the bear permanently).

But it's said you're supposed to shoot the bear with the bear spray and move from the place you shot from, because the bear will actually continue attacking you at the very place where you shot it so you should be somewhere different.

The biggest concern is not remembering to do that but to be able to get to and shoot the bear spray fast enough in the case of an attack (which happens in seconds). For me, bear spray is not just good for bears but also unleashed aggressive dogs that may attack you on the trail which is a big concern for me since it's happened a number of times. Seriously people leash your dogs, and never, ever say my dog doesn't bite, AS IT IS ATTACKING.

Now the type of bear spray that I've protected myself against dogs and bears in the past is the udap which is considerably more expensive (more in the forty dollar range) but it works pretty good on dogs attacking (which I personally know about).

I chose the tornado bear spray this time, because it is the cheapest option and it has 9 ounces where is the other types of bear sprays are a little more expensive and have more like 7 oz. It also got pretty high reviews on Amazon, but there are only six reviews there so far, so it's not enough to know.

I haven't tried this on a bear yet but as soon as I do I want to report my real life experience using the bear spray back here. If someone else has already used the tornado bear spray on a bear or attacking dog, then post your experience as a comment please.


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