Mushroom Hunting Tours in Asheville NC

Learn About Mushrooms in Asheville NC 

Do you have an interest in mushrooms? Would you like to learn which mushrooms are edible, and which mushrooms are poisonous? Are you in Asheville or planning to visit Asheville soon and want a chance to join an adventure through the woods exploring and discovering new things about the local fungi (and plants too)? 

asheville nc mushroom tours
Photo by Florian van Duyn on Unsplash

If you answered yes to these questions, then schedule your mushroom hunting tour today by emailing us at info -at- 

Our Mushroom Guides

Our mushroom guides have undergone extensive education on mushrooms and forest flora. Often they have spent many years studying and practicing in order to master the art of identifying and using plants and mushrooms in a traditional ethnobotanical manner. Some of our guides have made a living selling mushrooms to local restaurants, and can teach you how to feel comfortable identifying the most common edible mushrooms that grow around Asheville, the best places to find edible mushrooms in Western NC, and how to sell mushrooms (should you wish to learn that).

Apply to be a mushroom / plant adventure guide - email us at to inquire about becomes a plant / mushroom guide for Asheville NC tour groups. 


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